Wine & Cheese Tasting Event

Somewhere in the world, July 25 is a day where they celebrate the ultimate pairing of wine and cheese. Is it really a legit holiday? Or just an excuse to enjoy wine and cheese? This is what we found out -

The National Wine and Cheese Day is assumed to be created by freelance writer and wine-lover, Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. This day is believed to be celebrated since 2014. But the pairing of Wine and Cheese has been recorded back in the history. In wine-producing cultures, locally made wine and cheese were traditionally paired and enjoyed. Like in the French Brie region, one of the varieties of tannic wine, Beaujolais used to be paired with Brie cheese. Take those glass and some cheese to observe the day in the right way.

Legit or not, we at Served Manila saw it as an auspicious day and a perfect excuse to have a drink in the convenience of your home.

Your table is waiting. 

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